Passive Income Trap

For 10 years I worshipped the idea of generating passive income to earn financial independence. Rich Dad Poor Dad made it sound so easy. A shortcut to the good life. Why work hard and apply myself in the corporate world when I can easily have it all through a passive income business? A belief was formed; I didn’t have to give much, if any effort to be financially successful. All I had to do was crack the code, start a passive income business.

This minimal effort belief was at the foundation of everything I did. If it wasn’t a road to passive income, don’t waste time trying.  I didn’t view my career as a learning, challenging, and self growth opportunity, but a means to an end. I was running away from anything that required me to “try my hardest”, but in tandem was constantly questioning why I was feeling dissatisfied, unengaged, and unfulfilled.

I learned that giving 100% effort is not a switch that can be turned on and off. Similar to emotions, when numbing the bad, the good is numbed with it. The idea of half-assing my way into financial freedom has not led to the life or the mindset I desired. Instead it has led to someone that is lazy and afraid to give 100% effort.

It’s time to develop new beliefs through asking a different question. What happens when I stop focusing on passive income and try my hardest at everything I do?


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